Staying one step ahead of the curve is essential if you want to succeed as a marketer. That requires always thinking outside the box and coming up with fresh ideas for advertising. This includes making use of cutting-edge technology before the competition does. Now that Stories is being rolled out on TikTok, you should keep an eye on it as a way to get ahead of the competition.

Can You Explain TikTok Stories?

Videos uploaded to your TikTok profile as part of a user’s “Stories” feature will disappear from their profile after 24 hours. Just like on Snapchat and Instagram, these videos have a time limit of 15 seconds.

TikTok’s Stories feature is, in this regard, not unlike to others seen on competing sites. You may, for instance, examine the profiles of people who have viewed and interacted with your Stories. The blue ring around your profile photo will also serve as a visual cue to your followers that you have an Instagram Story available for them to check out. If others want to see your Story, they need only touch on your profile picture.

What makes TikTok videos so significant?

The question that arises now is why you feel the need for TikTok Stories. Why bother publishing a 15-second video to TikTok if it’s going to expire in 24 hours anyway? If you’re on the fence about whether or not to try out TikTok Stories, here are a few arguments in favor:

  • We live in an era where short-form videos rule. Shorter films are growing in popularity as people seek for convenience. According to a study by Sprout Social, short videos are 2.5 times more interesting to viewers than long ones.
  • As expected, short videos were the most engaging social media feed content. TikTok Stories have the potential to be a successful method of audience engagement due to its condensed length.
  • Your audience will feel more connected to you because of the genuine nature of the information in your Stories, which are often less planned. As a matter of fact, the TikTok team created Stories so that users may provide an honest and open glimpse into their daily lives, resulting in a more involved audience.
  • TikTok justifiably ranks among the top social media platforms. According to the same Sprout Social survey, it is one of the four social media sites that users want to spend the most time on in the coming year. As the number of people using TikTok rises, businesses will need to adjust by devoting more time and resources to the app. This involves taking use of the platform’s newest capabilities so as to acquire a leg up on the competition.

The Value of TikTok Stories for Advertisers

Have you been thinking about trying out TikTok Stories but weren’t sure where to begin? Here are some ways you may play around with TikTok Stories to build your company’s reputation.

One, promote limited-time offerings

Taking advantage of the fleeting nature of TikTok Stories, promote limited-time deals. Applying the notion of urgency in this way may induce FOMO in your audience and hasten their decision to take action.

Produce limited-access possibilities

In the same vein as the preceding, TikTok Stories are excellent for establishing an air of exclusivity. Offering unique benefits to a select group of customers is a great way to get their attention. You may promote exclusive deals and one-of-a-kind experiences with your TikTok Stories.

You may promote items that are available just through TikTok Stories, for instance. This implies that your clients can’t locate those items anywhere else, even on your own website. Sales that are exclusive to the Story and only accessible during its runtime are another option. This will have an amplified effect since it combines the ideas of urgency and exclusivity.

Declare something

In possession of some riveting information? It would be a waste not to broadcast it on TikTok Stories. While making an official announcement is always appreciated, there are times when using a Story to convey your joy with your followers is more effective.

Share the inner workings with your followers.

Sharing exclusive content with your audience with TikTok Stories is another wonderful way to engage with them. Want to give them a glimpse behind the scenes? Or you might demonstrate your process for making TikTok videos. You might also talk about your event preparations with them.

By doing so, you may make your target audience feel like they are in on a secret and integral to the success of your business. They’ve graduated from the roles of mere onlookers, outsiders, and consumers. They have gained exclusive access to your company’s inner workings and become members of your community.

Respond to commonly posed questions

A compelling incentive is necessary to encourage viewers to continue watching your Stories. That can come in a form of helpful data. Regularly use Stories to host Q&A sessions, where your followers may ask you anything. You should use this chance to be candid and give them straightforward responses to their queries.

This is a fantastic method of increasing audience participation and creating new avenues for connection. You also get to offer your listeners something of value in the form of a response to their inquiry.

Confront your listeners with the truth.

TikTok Stories’ open format also means you may be completely yourself in front of your viewers. Take advantage of the chance to pique their interest by dropping in some interesting tidbits of information while you move about your day. There’s also the option of posting “day in the life of” stories, in which you document a regular day in your life via a series of films.