The way individuals communicate in cyberspace has evolved because of social media. Many of our followers have asked us how to better place their posts inside their social media feeds. Here, we’ll discuss some useful hints.

The use of social media has grown ubiquitous. The many channels have completely altered the way we interact with one another. They make it easy to have instantaneous access to a wide variety of media and resources.

And today, thanks to social media, we have an abundance of information that is difficult to go through.

In addition, Instagram and Facebook are used by nearly 200 million companies to interact with their consumers.

Customers still rely on social media platforms as a means of information discovery and brand engagement, despite the fact that the reach of individual postings is decreasing as more channels and content become available.

It informs us that we, despite the hostile environment, must find out a way to get to them. Therefore, we need to figure out how to make social media serve our purposes in a new way.

How can we stick to character constraints while yet providing something that is interesting, unique, and grabs the reader’s attention?

How can you give your blogs some background information without making them appear repetitious and dull? One of my biggest pet peeves as a user is when I follow a link and am let down by the information provided.

That can make individuals wary of clicking on links.

But knowing what to expect from the email’s contents before I read it might pique my interest and prompt a click.

The good news is that visuals, extended updates, videos, and other formats may help companies and marketers achieve their goals. Let’s get started right now.

Look Beyond the Scoop

In a nutshell: Use the headline as the basis for a status update on social media. Sounds simple enough.

The issue is that this might get rather boring! It usually doesn’t do anything to get folks to click on the content.

Consider the following in addition to forwarding the headline:


Include callouts in your update, whether they refer to a statement you liked or a particular line that stood out to you.

If you want to appeal to your readers’ sentimental or emotional side and keep them reading, utilise a quote. They are also very shareable because of how familiar they are to the audience.


Using statistics to prove or support a claim is a powerful tool. In addition, they have a way of grabbing people’s attention.

Include an interesting statistic in your writing. Put that into your status updates then.

Using statistics as a foundation for your content establishes credibility and encourages readers to accept the data you present.

Problems and Possible Answers

Is the problem addressed in your content? Use that as your hook.

Inform your readers of the issue at hand and how you plan to address it in your writing. In this approach, readers might feel like they’re actually gaining knowledge from the piece.

Twitter and Facebook allow you to quickly and easily reach your target audience and respond to their inquiries.


One of my favourite content strategies, especially for articles with more words, is to end with a crucial takeaway for the reader.

Use Visuals More Effectively

This one may seem self-evident.

Images, however, are the driving force behind any social media platform’s success.

Users are more likely to recall an image than a list of text, and colours are more likely to catch the eye than black and white.

The issue is that we are often uncritical in our choice of visual representations. This is something of which I am very much guilty.

Share a Tale.

A picture truly is worth a thousand words, as the old adage goes. Pictures help us convey feelings and ideas that words alone can’t. This is really true for the social media as well.

Consider a brand’s holiday advertising, such as for Mother’s Day or the winter holidays. Seeing a photo of a mother and her children in a warm embrace or a group of people gathering around a Christmas tree to exchange gifts may bring back fond memories for many people.

The emotion conveyed by these commercials cannot be adequately described. They provide narrative. They succeed without resorting to elaborate backstories in an effort to humanise the advertisement.

The person is completely submerged in the frame of mind you intend to instill. Go above and beyond with your photography. Take use of them to relay the narrative you like to hear.

Learn the Meme

Memes evolve just as rapidly as the internet itself. It’s possible to become a viral sensation in any number of ways, from the Green M&M meme to the Little Miss meme.

Memes, despite their silliness, are a terrific way to give your social media posts some background. However, you shouldn’t join a meme merely for the sake of joining it.

Make Good Use of Blank Space

Expanded social updates, in which more space is taken up by the update but not necessarily more words, seem to be on the rise recently.

Take a look at this illustration from CNC Activewear.

These elongated updates are great since they let you provide your followers more information without flooding their feeds.

They provide a useful function by providing a pause for the reader between paragraphs.

There isn’t a single industry left where social media content isn’t integral to the marketing strategy.

But many marketers battle writer’s block when it comes to producing attention-grabbing content.

You may improve your social media posts by using eye-catching photographs, leaving white space between paragraphs, posting videos, and utilising the appropriate amount of hashtags and emoticons.