People spend roughly two hours per day, on social media, according to studies. It’s possible that social media addicts waste a lot of time mindlessly browsing through their feeds. Rather than wasting time mindlessly surfing the web, why not put that time to good use? You can’t deny the potential wealth of social media, with its over three billion monthly users. Here’s how to get rich without leaving your sofa.

1. Get Paid to Post Ads and Promote Products

Promoting the goods and services of other companies is a simple way to monetize your social media accounts. The term “sponsored posting” describes this practise, and it’s not hard to get started. A company can pay to have their sponsored content displayed on your site, and you’ll earn money from any clicks made by interested readers. Having a sizable social media following and capitalising on it is a lucrative business strategy. The concept is picked up by most platforms, and many even provide sign-up buttons on the sponsored posts themselves.

2. Become a Major Player in the World of Social Media

With the rising popularity of social media influencers, you can expect some tough competition. You might have noticed that every day there is a new crop of influencers who carve out specialised markets. While some people prefer to promote their products through written content, others favour using photographs. Although influencing others on social media may look like a simple job, a lot of hard work and time are required to see any real results. If you want to make money off your personal brand and network with international companies, you should join an influencer marketplace. The website can optimise your content for mobile devices, provide you with discount codes only available through the website, and create custom links just for you.

3. Promote Associate Products

Good products to promote on affiliate sites abound, no matter what your specialty. One such programme is Amazon Associate, which allows you to promote whatever goods and services you like. If you go this route, leave genuine reviews instead of spammy links. Never fail to recommend products you believe in and trust will help your audience. You can give honest, constructive criticism in reviews, too.

4. Promote Your Services and Goods

If you own a business, you can use your social media following to boost revenue. Create demand for your offerings by transforming your social media profiles into sales channels. Some services provide the option to transform user profiles into personalised online shops. Think about where your target audience spends their time online and figure out how to market your products there. You should also use software to keep track of and record sales.

5. Use Visual Media to Advertise Your Products

Crafts, articles, and works of art that are created by hand can benefit from increased exposure on social media. Make your brand known by showcasing your wares on social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, on the other hand, are more subtle platforms that, when utilised properly, can accomplish great things. Leave a link to your online profiles if you have a website or an account on an art-related platform like Etsy. If you do this, your followers will be more likely to look into your offerings and potentially make a purchase. With diligence, you can make a respectable living using this method.

6. Monetize Your Expertise

You can make a lot of money on social media by making “how-to” videos about specific niches. If you’re particularly adept at sports, for instance, you could share your knowledge with others. It is the same whether you are providing a service or operating a brick-and-mortar storefront. Everything you need is right at your fingertips; there is no need to quit your job or devote a significant amount of time to researching unfamiliar topics.

7. Promote your consulting or coaching services

The soft skills market is ripe for lead generation on social media. Engaging your followers is a great way to get your message out there, whether you’re a life coach or a music teacher. People will be interested in what you have to say as long as you are an expert in your chosen field. Those interested in scheduling private sessions with you can follow the provided links to your websites. Consulting can be lucrative if done correctly; don’t sell yourself short. Instead, charge reasonable fees that reflect your time and effort.

For those who are interested, social media can be used as a low-cost income-generating medium. You can use it to network with other companies and expand your own brand’s reach. A successful social media career or company is inevitable if you can just be patient and wait for it to expand.