If you’re using Instagram for business, the visuals you share will make or break your social media presence.

You may think of your Instagram as a virtual storefront. You want people to be able to look at your feed and immediately understand who you are, what you sell, and what values your brand upholds.

Instagram, a photo-sharing app, is ideal for communicating your brand’s personality through striking visuals.

The visual aspect of accounts leads to the widespread belief that a trained graphic designer is required to manage them. Not so! Using these guidelines, you won’t need one, but it will help you make better Instagram graphics.

Image editing software for colour correction

Colour is a powerful tool for marketing, especially when it comes to visuals. Changing the saturation and brightness of your colours may give your photos a whole different feel and help convey your intended message.

Keep your profile looking cohesive and add some “wow” to your grid by sticking to an Instagram theme.

Think about the tone of each piece and whether or not you want to use your brand’s colours. As an example:

  • Warm and rustic: highlight your image’s natural tones for this look. Select filters that soften and warm up the blue, green, and yellow tones.
  • Calm and airy – use filters to tone down the intensity of the image’s colours. This effect is most noticeable on photographs that already include a background of soft, pastel tones.
  • Vibrant and eye-catching, the focus of this design scheme is on highlighting vivid hues. Choose enhancement filters that provide more light and darker tones.

Practise Your Typing Skills

Including text in your Instagram graphics makes them more eye-catching and gives your posts more meaning. Text is especially important for digital posters advertising events or promotions, as consumers scrolling through their feeds are unlikely to read captions attentively unless the image itself attracts their attention.

Basic knowledge of what makes text seem attractive does not require design expertise. Some simple typographic guidelines are as follows:

  • When putting text, remember to align it properly. While it’s tempting to make everything symmetrical, doing so might make the text difficult to read and throw off the balance of the design. Align text depending on how easy it is to read and how it looks, and don’t use a bunch of different styles at once.
  • If you’re going to use two different font sizes together, the larger one should be more ornate, while the smaller one should be clearer to maintain readability.
  • Size does matter! You may emphasise words and phrases by making them larger.

There is text-arranging software and editing apps available to help those who are pressed for time.

Figure Out Easy Methods For Composing Pictures

Better and more varied photographs can help you make a more engaging grid. Even little adjustments to the composition might have a significant impact.

The first and foremost piece of advice is to make advantage of picture grids while creating Instagram graphics. If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll need to enable the ‘grid’ feature in the app’s settings before you can use it in Photos or Camera. If you do this, your viewfinder will display a grid of nine squares that will help you centre your subject.