More than a billion people use Instagram every month (and 500M DAU). As a result, this presents an incredible opportunity for companies to reach some of the most enthusiastic consumers in the world with their products.

You’ve come to the correct spot if the success of your brand’s Instagram content and interaction has been less than ideal, or if you just want to learn more about how to attract more Instagram followers.

1. Take Advantage of Instagram’s Algorithm

Improving your Instagram content and following starts with learning how the Instagram algorithm works.

About 2%-10% of Instagram users will see a brand’s organic post in the feed. Several business owners are now puzzling about where they went wrong in their marketing strategies. 

There’s a flood of media for viewers to peruse, including more photos, videos, Instagram Stories, and GIFs than ever before.

In Instagram, the Feed is not ordered in time. (Users can choose to switch to a chronological feed if they want). Yet, in the default display, consumers are presented with what they are most likely to interact with. This may not always be brand-related material.

2. Use Trending Hashtags (They Still Work)

Using hashtags is a tried-and-true strategy for attracting more Instagram followers. Hashtags have long been a vital method of discovery on social media and a means for companies to broaden their online presence.

It’s one thing to include hashtags in your Instagram posts; it’s another to include the appropriate hashtags.

3. Distribute Work Created by Users (UGC)

Have you ever find yourself perusing a brand’s Instagram account and wondering how they manage to get so many followers and where they find such high-quality photographs to post? Many companies want their content to be engaging and interesting, yet achieving this goal remains one of the toughest obstacles in marketing.

4. Instagram Stories should be prioritised.

Not sure about you, but I spend as much time (if not more) exploring Instagram Stories as I do the Feed.

Did you know that among Instagram’s more than a billion monthly active users, 86.6% share new material every day in the form of a Story? That’s amazing, and it’s a no-brainer for your brand’s expansion into new audiences.

When businesses want to branch out from the static material of their Feeds and into the more engaging medium of Instagram Stories, they have a great selling tool at their disposal. Brands may take use of Instagram Stories’ many tools to boost their visibility by using hashtags, locations, polls, countdowns, accounts they follow, stickers, links, GIFs, filters, and more in their posts.

5. Commence Making Trailers

In 2020, when Instagram first introduced stories, a new type of video called “reels” emerged and quickly gained popularity, perhaps in part because of a global crackdown on Covids.

Instagram, in an effort to match the enormous success of TikTok, has focused mostly on developing its Reels feature. Because of its “audience adjacent” nature, Reels are a perfect addition to any Instagram follower growth plan. This means that when users browse through their Reels feed, they will be exposed to material from accounts they don’t presently follow. The potential for finding fresh and interesting accounts based on interests is therefore greatly increased.

6. Use Instagram Advertising to Market Your Best Work and Goods

Instagram advertisements debuted in 2015, and businesses haven’t looked back since. Utilizing Facebook’s advertising platform, companies can connect with Facebook’s huge and devoted user base.

7. Give Something Away

Running a giveaway has been shown to be an effective technique to increase audience engagement. Giving away something for free on Instagram in exchange for a follow, like, remark, or share is called a “giveaway.”

What to Do Next: Boost Your Instagram Following

If you want to create a compelling and genuine brand story, Instagram is the best social media channel to use. As we’ve seen, there are several methods that can be used to boost a brand’s Instagram engagement and fan base.

Ultimately, though, what counts most is the relationships and communities that businesses cultivate through their social media content.

With a powerful social media platform, your brand may enjoy widespread success across all relevant social media platforms. Online social media management software like Meltwater simplifies campaign publishing, audience interaction, community development, and report consolidation across platforms.

The marketing team can take your approach to the next level by utilising in-depth media information and insights.

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