Using social media to expand your company’s reach beyond its website is a wonderful strategy. Billion of people all around the world use social media because it is participatory and interesting. It’s a promotional instrument that may drive traffic to your site. Including connections to your services, blogs, and landing sites is all that is required. A rise in social attribution in Google Analytics is possible with the correct kind of advertising.

Most social media platforms let brands include links anywhere on their profiles, including bios, stories, and posts. One of the most widely expanding social networking platforms online, Instagram, can’t say the same.

Instagram users are given only a few links to external sites and apps to explore. The most typical area for a company to post a valuable link in the app is in their bio. Some fields may benefit greatly from having visitors automatically sent to the homepage. Most businesses, depending on their ongoing efforts, might benefit from a more specific landing page.

Posts from companies may have hyperlinked text rather than images. However, these citations will not be active links. The inability to select and copy post text compounds the difficulty of posting URLs within a post’s body. It’s also probably not going to happen that a user will memorise the password or switch to a different device. In order to access the site, they would have to manually enter the URL. A call to action is one way to circumvent this problem. Users are more likely to visit the link in your bio or in your content if you include this call to action.

You may have noticed, if you’re an active Instagram user, that certain people can add links to their stories. You may only add links here, nowhere else on Instagram. If you’re wondering how certain people are able to post links to their Instagram stories, it all comes down to the account’s follower count.

If you want to add links to your Instagram story, how many followers do you need?

A minimum of 10,000 followers on Instagram is required to share a link in a user’s story. All accounts, whether personal or professional, are subject to this rule. Do you wish to include Instagram links in your stories? Getting the necessary number of followers is the first order of business. Getting to 10,000 followers on Instagram takes time and requires a strategic plan that involves producing valuable content and interacting with your audience. This will pay off in the long run since your engagement with these followers will be more organic and they will be more invested in your business.