Want to start a thriving company someday? Whether you’re an up-and-coming influencer, a personal brand, or a business, you need to prioritise expanding your online visibility.

If you want to make sales, you need a fan base, and social media is where you can do that effectively.

There is, however, one minor hitch.

You feel overwhelmed with the thought of starting out and then keeping up a steady social media presence.

Let’s get down to business and share our best advice for maximising your social media presence and producing viral content.

Provide your readers with content

The harsh reality is that you will not get any traction or customers until you provide them with a strong enough rationale to do so.

And why is that? I don’t see the point.

The question “how does this benefit my audience?

If your work isn’t moving them emotionally or intellectually, reconsider your approach. Create high-quality content that resonates and provides value to someone’s day by delving deeply into audience pain points and your statistics.

Recognise Whom You’re Writing For

You can’t make content that people want to read, keep, and talk about if you don’t know who they are.

Taking the effort to identify your target demographic will help you create content that will resonate with them and sway their opinions.

When you tailor your material to a certain audience, it becomes irresistible to them.

You’ve hit social media gold when your audience feels as though your content and profile are tailored just to them.

How exactly do you zero down on your “niche”? The problem or area of expertise you hope to become renowned for should serve as your jumping-off point.

Provide What the Public Desires

When was the last time you looked at your social media metrics? If you’re like the majority of individuals, it’s most likely on an ad hoc basis.

Insights are your best friends if you want to make an effect on social media (and get off the content development hamster wheel).

Right now, with Instagram open, do these things:

To view the content you’ve shared, go to “Content You Shared” and explore the many tabs there.

Limit your search to the most recent three and six months.

Use categories like “Impressions,” “Reach,” “Plays,” “Saves,” and “Shares” to narrow your data.

Analyse the most read articles on your site. Do you see any recurring themes? Is your audience responding favourably to a certain theme or colour scheme?

Examine the articles that have had the fewest views next. Can you identify any recurring themes? Do you have poor-quality photographs or empty captions?

Want a painless method of monitoring the impact of your social media posts? If you want your Instagram posts to go from excellent to amazing, you need the information that Plann provides.

Batch Make Content Quickly and Easily

Finding a method that works for you to help you write high-quality content is essential. A top option for fixing the problem? Producing content in bulk.

The first step in this content development process is to define your content pillars or categories. Want some assistance?

Sign up for Plann, head to the “Strategy” tab, and then choose the “Content Prompts” option to access a plethora of topical content pillars and prompts.

Unhappy with the available starters? Throw everything out and come up with something new.

Your social media content strategy will be one hundred times more effective if you have a general notion of what you want to write about.

Organise a “shoot” day when you may take pictures and videos for Reels and TikTok. The next step is to schedule some time for content editing and importing into Plann.

Start Shooting

High-quality video and photography may be made without an expensive DSLR.

Clean your phone often before using it to record.

Your films and photographs will go from seeming like an inadvertent throwback to the 1990s to “Look out world, I’m a professional” in an instant.

As a final piece of advice, get yourself a tripod. It need not cost a lot of money, and you may even choose something unassuming like a GorillaPod. Whatever you choose will greatly aid in your ability to record professional-grade material.

Make an Ask for the Sale

I mean, seriously, what does that imply?!

That we are such highly evolved beings. When we pass a billboard, we ignore the advertisement. What, a magazine spread? It barely registered as a blip.

How can one be heard above the din of commercials? By appealing to the audience’s empathy, suffering, and desired outcome.

Think about it like this. Constantly yelling “buy my stuff!” at someone is an easy way to get on their nerves.